Gina Parris - The Honest Honestest Truth Show Creator
Gina Parris – The Honest Honestest Truth Show Creator

Gina Parris talented actress, comedian and screenplay writer will show her talent in The Honest Honestest Truth. Gina Parris is CEO of Gina Parris Entertainment and the creator and writer of The Honest Honestest Truth. She has her Bachelors in Behavioural Science and Masters of Arts in Counseling and is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.  Using her training in psychology, she managed to enrich her acting and her scripts. Gina received her acting training from well known Trinidad acting icons Penelope Spencer and Raymond Choo Kong. She also got further acting training from talented LA acting coaches and actors such as Rafael Noble, Angela Gibbs  and Kirk Baltz. Gina started professional acting since 2007, doing comedy for 4 years and has appeared in many comedy shows portraying characters in the World Laugh Festival 2011, 2012 and 2013, also Yangatang comedy tent amongst others. She acted in a play, Caribbean Woman directed by Hollywood actor and Trinidad born Sullivan Walker, the musical Treasure Island, and as Gaga the Witch in the TV series Stray’s Angels. You will see Gina Parris in the short film A Story About Wendy 2 directed by Sean Hodgkinson shown in Movie Towne and  in IMAX and in the short film named Break Out directed by Frances-Anne Solomon which will also show in cinema. Gina will also be acting in the television show The Apartment.  Gina Parris is happy to share her dream of promoting local talent and hopes to achieve this through her series The Honest Honestest Truth. She is also a member of two prestigious organizations Women In Film (Los Angeles) and Powerful Women PLOTT – Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago, Gina is also mentored by Sara Scott VP of Production and Development of Universal Studios and Randi Richmond SVP Production of NBCuniversal.